Good lighting is essential to an event’s success, and we have a specialist team on hand from the initial site visit to explain and suggest the best options for your personalised lighting design.

That can be anything from a full light show synchronised with or choreographed to the performance, to subtle and soothing lighting for speakers or musicians. Whichever it is, we’ll help you create the right atmosphere – we see lighting as an art form in itself, and integral to the overall experience.

That’s why we source, supply, install and operate everything from string lights to indoor and outdoor festoon lights, to uplighters, spotlight systems, and synchronised dancefloor and stage lighting systems. Whatever complements and enhances the event, we can provide it.

We can even work to your personal preferences for colour and light levels, and apply our years of expertise to set certain moods throughout an event – you probably want to ramp things up as the event progresses, and we’ve the equipment and expertise to match your needs, whatever the event. And it’s not just the inside of the venues that can benefit from lighting – how about lighting for the wider setting? Wedding marquees are often in beautiful locations that can look magical after dark with lit pathways (for safety as well as ambience!), colour-floodlit trees and architecture, and low lighting for breakout seating. It all adds to the experience.

We’re fully experienced and safety-certified for rigging lights, and offer a range of options to suit different venues, event types and personal preferences. For smaller venues, we can mount lights with floor-standing tripods or uplight from the floor itself. For most weddings and private parties this is all you need for impressive band and dance-floor lighting, but for larger venues and more complex needs we have floor- standing trussing on which to rig lights, offering further creative scope for achieving the light fantastic! We even provide and rig ceiling-mounted trussing – as long as safe anchor points are available – and often work with existing trussing and rigs in larger, purpose-built venues such as arenas, exhibition spaces and theatres.

We use a huge range of lights and peripherals to bring events to life, and can always source additional equipment to meet specific requirements. We’re experts with ‘moving head lights’, too. These can be anything from washes of light, or spotlights or beams that match the beat and tempo of the music, and they can also be automated for use with music or to highlight a specific incident or change in a show or event.

It makes sense that, if we can do just about anything with light, we can also complement it with expertise in visual effects. We provide full consultation, equipment and expertise for haze, smoke, low fog, dry ice, confetti cannons, bubble machines, snow machines… and even pyrotechnics! However far you want to take the experience, we can help.

If you have any questions about lighting and visual effects for your event, please don’t hesitate to ask…

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Production Services


State-of-the-art PA systems for public speakers, solo artists, bands and orchestras to ensure full clarity and audience enjoyment.


From static ambience to full performance choreography and operation.


We provide a wide selection of staging sizes for all kinds of performance, including orchestra platforms and band staging.


From tongue-and groove tiling to LED-lit black and white dancefloors, to any shape or size specification.

Video, Visuals & Screens

For live streaming, playback, promotional films, music backdrops, conferences, presentations and more.

Instrument Hire

Sourcing instruments to ensure musicians have the tools they need to give the best performances.

Event Management

With years of wide-ranging experience, we can help you design and execute any kind of event.

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