Cheshire Wedding Band

Cheshire Wedding Band

Planning a wedding can be quite an overwhelming task, especially if you don’t have clear ideas on what you would like for your big day!

Depending on your preferences you may prioritise certain suppliers such as your venue, wedding band or florist. However, these areas may not be as important to other couples who may rate the dress, photographer or cake as more important.

So for those of you for whom a wedding band is near the top of the list – do you know who you are booking? I’ve noted down a few things to look out for when booking your Cheshire Wedding Band!

Cheshire Wedding Band 1st Dance
Cheshire Wedding Band for Hire
Cheshire Wedding Band

Cheshire Wedding Band in Action

Finding the Right Wedding Supplier

From past experience in planning my own wedding, the main issue I found was finding the right supplier in a market which simply isn’t regulated. Experience is something that we all look for in a supplier, however, this doesn’t necessarily guarantee quality. I’ll briefly explain using a musical analogy. You could hire a group of students who are absolutely amazing and really set the perfect vibe. By contrast you could hire a wedding band with 20 years of industry experience who turn out to be absolutely terrible! This of course works both ways but it’s important to remember not to judge a book by it’s cover! It’s very difficult to know who you are dealing with and therefore it’s important to make sure that regardless of their website and media, your band are musically talented, provide a professional service and are trustworthy.

Cheshire Wedding Band 1st Dance
Cheshire Wedding Band

Onstage with Cheshire Wedding Band Live!

Picking The Right Cheshire Wedding Band

Have you thought about what kind of music you would like your wedding band to perform? Remember, think about the demographic at your wedding. Are you inviting a wide a wide range of ages? If so then it’s always good to consider having a mix of styles and genres to get all ages up and dancing!

Song Requests/Set Lists

Will the wedding band give you the flexibility to compile your own list of songs and genres you’d like performed? This is one of our unique services –  managing such a talented pool of musicians gives us the variety to be able to offer all styles and genres of music for your wedding. With our experience we will of course recommend and advise what we believe works best, however, when it comes down to it, the choice is yours and the Bloomsbury Wedding Band are here to create your own memorable and personal experiences. 

Dynamic & Charismatic

Does your wedding band have great stage presence? Are they led by a strong lead singer? I would highly recommend seeing your wedding band perform live before booking as it’s amazing what can be done in a studio to make even the most average wedding band promotional material sound good! Also, it really does make the party if you’ve got a great lead singer who has excellent patter with your guests. If you can’t see them live ask for live footage from an event as this too can really help to inform your decision. 

Technical Info – PA & Lighting

Without going into too much technical jargon it also makes a huge difference if the wedding band use an excellent PA (speakers) and lighting set up. When the band are sounding great it’s not just their musicianship – it will also be down to the quality of the equipment they are using. It’s a great sign when you don’t notice the technical side of things as this is when the band are using excellent kit managed by a sound engineer…not just old, cheap gear which will really make it feel like a pub gig, you know…muffled and sometimes distorted sound – trust me, it’s not fun to dance to!


The Bloomsbury Wedding Band are a wedding band based in Manchester and are delighted to be regarded as the ‘go to’ Cheshire wedding band for some of the most exclusive wedding venues in Cheshire.



Will my wedding band perform for the whole evening reception?


The Bloomsbury Wedding Band will perform your first dance (any song of your choice), two 45mins sets and an encore. 


We do offer a DJ Service which provides you with music during the band’s break and also from the end of the encore for an additional 2 hours. The DJ Service is managed by our band leader using DJ software. We can also provide you with a seperate DJ if this is something you are interested in.


If you are interested in early evening entertainment before the band begin we can highly recommend using the singer and guitarist from the band to perform some acoustic pop music. This creates a brilliant atmosphere and helps to bridge the gap between the meal and party.


What’s included with my Cheshire Wedding Band?


No matter what size, our Cheshire wedding band includes an exceptional state of the art PA system, LED lighting for the band’s performance area and dancefloor, a sound engineer (7-9 piece bands) and event manager to oversee logistics and provide you with a single point of contact.

Cheshire Wedding Band
Cheshire Wedding Band for Hire