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How to choose the perfect band for your Christmas party


With the summer event season now a distant memory, we find ourselves looking ahead to one of the busiest times in the event diary, Christmas! Have you started planning your Christmas party? 

Whether you’re hosting an end of year corporate event, a Christmas themed party, or a festive dinner party with friends, one thing is for sure – you want to make it memorable. And what better way to do that than by hiring a live band to keep the energy high and the festive spirits even higher?

But before you book the first band you come across, let us fill you in on some important considerations to keep in mind. We’re going to walk you through the top factors to consider when choosing the perfect band for your Christmas party. From musical styles and budget to logistics and technical spec, we’ve got you covered!

1. Musical Style: Selecting The Right Band For Your Event

The first and perhaps most important consideration is the style of the band. Are you looking for a swing band to create a classy vintage ambiance, a Bublé crooner or a rock band to keep those energy levels high? Maybe you’re after a band which will play a mix of genres? If so, a covers band is perfect in creating a set list full of contrasting genres and styles. Remember your demographic and the atmosphere you want to create for your Christmas party.

2. Repertoire: Song Selection for the Festive Season

A great Christmas party band should have a song list that includes festive classics, whether it’s a folk, swing, rock or covers band – it wouldn’t be Christmas without a bit of Mariah Carey or Fairytale of New York! Check if the band can deliver those beloved Christmas hits along with other popular songs to keep the dance floor full. There’s a real art in creating a versatile band set list, it’s the key to keeping everyone entertained. 

We always share our set lists with our client prior to their event to ensure they are happy with the song selections. Our session musicians really are some of the top musicians in the country. With this in mind, their musical knowledge and library of music is comprehensive ensuring each set list is tailored to the client’s brief. 

3. Experience and Reputation: Ensuring a Stellar Musical Performance

Experience matters when it comes to live performances. Research the band’s background, read reviews, and ask for references if necessary. A well-established band with a great reputation is more likely to deliver an exciting and memorable performance that meets you and your guests expectations. 

At Bloomsbury, our collective of musicians are professional musicians who have had years of experience performing at various private events, music festivals and concerts across the UK and internationally. We are proud to represent musicians who are not only masters in their art but also fun, friendly and energetic characters ready to get the party started.  

4. Budget: Finding a Band That Fits Your Finances

Budget is a crucial consideration. When organising your event consider your entertainment budget and communicate this clearly when making enquiries. Bands come in various price ranges, so there’s likely one that will fit your budget without compromising on quality. Our flag ship band, Bloomsbury Function Band comes in various sizes – ranging between a 3 – 12 piece band. This has a huge impact on budget. Our music specialists we can advise you which songs would work better for your size of band performed live and which would be more suited added to the DJ set. Our band also offer a DJ service which is managed by the band leader. This keeps budgets down utilising the musicians in the band.  

5. Logistics: Venue, Space, and Technical Requirements

Consider the logistics of hosting a live band. Does your venue have enough space for the band and their equipment? Discuss technical requirements such as power outlets, lighting, and sound equipment to ensure a seamless performance. 

Never underestimate these factors! It’s hard to envisage the impact of a great state of the art PA system verse an ancient, wooly sounding PA system which has been collecting dust in an attic. 

Having a great PA system will take your party to new heights. Bloomsbury always uses state of the art equipment suitable to your venue space. Our sound engineers ensure you experience the very best high end sound clarity mixed with the power and energy of the sub-bass.  

6. Availability: Booking Early for a Merry Christmas

Christmas is one of the busiest seasons for many sectors, music in no exception. Please don’t wait until the last minute to book. Those Thursday, Friday and Saturdays in December are peak season. Start your search early to secure the band of your choice for your preferred date. Remember, availability can be limited during the festive season.

7. Contract and Terms: Clear Agreements for Peace of Mind

Once you’ve found the right band, make sure to have a clear contract that outlines all terms and conditions. This includes payment terms, cancellation policies, and any special requests. A well-documented agreement will give you peace of mind and prevent any misunderstandings. 


Choosing the perfect band for your Christmas party can significantly enhance the festive spirit and make your event unforgettable. By considering factors such as musical style, song lists, experience, budget, logistics, musician availability, and contract terms, you’ll be well-prepared to select a band that will keep your guests dancing and singing all night long. So, get your dancing shoes on and get ready to celebrate this Christmas with the perfect live soundtrack – contact us today to discover our comprehensive range of bands. 

Rock, Swing, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Folk and covers – you name it, we have you covered!